ASP.NET Core: Concatenating JSON endpoints

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Data preparation and tests

Before everything I would like to explain the demo code. So, I have several endpoints from JSONPlaceholder. And, I would like to collect them into a dictionary with their key value. I implemented the base code with async/await parallelism. So, no matter what, we are getting the data without blocking each other. Let’s see the base code.

Improving Performance

The GetAsRaw method reads the entire result from the request. Then pass it into the result model. ASP.NET Core handles the rest. The problem here we are reading the whole result then allocate it into memory.

Let’s check the performance

I have applied the same JMeter thread group for v2.0. The requests are completed in 00:03:33 with average 743ms.


This article is based on an unique case. Most of the time we don’t use JRaw and Stream objects for endpoints. However, when we need to implement such a scenario, every single byte becomes important. Basically, we have redirected the http client response into ASP.NET Core response with the desired structure.


Since the first solution allocate the string object in Large Object Heap (LOH) the memory usage got high. Therefore, second solution is using 4k buffers and allocate at GC0-GC1.



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