TLDR; We have redirected an http client response into ASP.NET Core response with the desired structure.

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Most commonly faced scenario about API design is you want to serialize a POCO class or a different type of objects to JSON with direct serializer. Then get the serialized value and use it. If you are handling big objects/data/files, then you have to be careful with what you do. Otherwise, it can have devastating impacts on the performance.

Assume that you have multiple endpoints which returns JSON results and you are trying to concatenate them into a single structure. In that case, you…

I would like to talk about the SPA client authentication. Most of the blog implementations are stores the token into localStorage, sessionStorage or in-memory storage (redux/vuex/ngrx). It depends on your needs. For instance, you don’t need high security with your In-House applications. For other cases, you need to increase your security. Today, I will try to explain that with my best.

Rather than show all the implementations, the post will be clear and simple. You can find the source code at end of the post.

Where should I put my token and other values ?

As I mentioned before, localStorage, sessionStorage and in-memory storages are candidates for this kind of…

Rather than reinventing the wheel, you may need a fast and reliable solution in a short time span. In this case, your framework should be able to support all your requirements. ASP.NET Core is doing that very well.

I will cover everything under REST API design.

API Design


Let’s first speak about what we know about the performance of an API design. Assume that we have entities over 1M+ rows in a database system. You can’t show that much data directly with an UI, you have the split into pages. In other words, we can say pagination. …

Today, I will talk about a better way to register services for Microsoft’s DI container. Let’s have a look at the standard way of service registration.

There exists three types of object lifetime. I’m not going to explain all of them, since they are already well documented at .

For small scale applications the above usage is very acceptable. However, managing a large scale applications might require different solutions.

Now, I will show you 3 different solutions that you might like to use. First, I will consider all lifetimes separately. …

DISCLAIMER: This story does not prove a pattern or anti-pattern. It just provides a different point of view.

Hello again, base functionality is an inevitable requirement. I’m going to talk about a different base component approach in the Angular. Most of the examples create a base component and inject services to it. Later, you create components from it. However, internet has many examples that could lead you to write bad code.

Let’s see a common example;

Assume that, every route have inherited from the same base component and the page content loads asynchronously.

So the page’s content must…

Realtime applications are hard to design in .NET world, we have SignalR Core which gives us a painless interface for developing such applications. SignalR Core is a very new library, here I will be discussing a problem case which came with the latest versions.

The story come up with a problem that I faced. I have been storing the client information on Redis. My application records client information with OnConnectedAsync method and remove it with OnDisconnectedAsync method. Moreover, we have an object called _clientList for inserting and removing clients, and for updating a clients information.

public async Task OnConnectedAsync()

Hello again, today’s subject is a javascript library called Fabric.js. I have worked with this library a couple of times in the past. However, you have to improvise while using the library features for advanced usages. I needed common features for my projects. Such as, history implementation (redo, undo), clipping the canvas, export image with high resolution and so on. I think this blog post will help other people for required such kind of features.


First of all, most required features are undo and redo actions. In fabric.js almost every action is catched with object:modified, object:added and object:removed. …

I’ve been using Hangfire for almost 2 years. It’s a wonderful job schedule API with persistent storage. Community have a lot of examples about how to use Hangfire. However, almost all of them use the application (UI) as a hangfire server. Here, I will explain how to use Hangfire with docker and multiple servers. Let’s begin.


First, let’s create an API. I will show my example on ASP.NET Core 2.2 with PostgreSQL. Open your terminal.

$ mkdir Hangfire.UI
$ cd Hangfire.UI
$ dotnet new webapi

Then we need the Hangfire packages.

$ dotnet add package Hangfire.Core
$ dotnet add package Hangfire.AspNetCore

Temiz ve yalın kod yazmak yazılım dünyasında olmazsa olmaz şeylerin başında geliyor. Bunu sağlamak için bir çok yol var bizde bunlardan birine değineceğiz.

Bu yaklaşım birden fazla yerde kullanılıyor, örneğin ASP.NET Core üzerinde http istekleri bir pipeline (veri hattı) ile işlenmekte ve bu işlenme sırasında aralara iyi bir şekilde müdahale edilebilmektedir. Ayrıca, ML.NET’de bu yaklaşım üzerine kurulmuştur. Benim şahsi kanaatim, bu yapıyı birden fazla şekilde hayata geçirebilirsiniz, o yüzden doğaçlama yapmaktan çekinmeyin. Fazla sözü uzatmadan örneğimize geçelim.

Benim yapacağım örnekte yapı 3 farklı bölümden oluşmaktadır. …

Herkese yeniden merhaba,

Bu yazımda Microsoft’un makine öğrenmesi kütüphanesi olan ML.NET’i kullanarak dil sınıflandırma yapacağım. Örnek vermek gerekirse, dökümanları, yazıları vb. şeylerin dillerini tespit edebileceğiz. İşe kendi eğitim ve test verilerimizi oluşturarak başlayacağım.

Veri kümesinin hazırlanması

Veri kümemizi oluşturmak için Wikipedia sayfalarını kullandım. Bu blog yazısı için python üzerinde dosyası hazırladım. Python üzerinde bulunan ile istenilen sayfaların içeriğini çekerek bunları test ve eğitim kümesi olarak ayırıyorum. Ben bu makale için üç dil seçtim; Türkçe, İngilizce ve İspanyolca. Bu her üç dil için neredeyse aynı oranda başlık seçmeye çalıştım. Bu script dosyası ile önceden belirlemiş olduğum sayfaların içeriklerini alıp python…

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